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Choral Arranging: Got a song you need arranged for singers? Peter Brown has years of experience composing and arranging music for choirs, musical theatre and small vocal groups. Arrangements are professionally engraved using high-end computer notation software, and sound files for all parts are available. Contact Peter at the link above for details.

"Franklin Street" released

Peter's new CD, "Franklin Street" is now available. Sound clips from this new release can be found on the CD page.

"Franklin Street" now available by digital download!

Peter's new CD, "Franklin Street" is now available on your favourite music download site -- you can find it at Itunes, Puretracks, Napster, Rhapsody and more than 40 other similar sites.

"Marie-claude" also available

Peter's previous CD, "Marie-claude" is still available at CDBaby -- link below.

Peter Brown: Marie-Claude